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"SEESIM" is an outcome-focused advisory and technology services company. We help organizations identify the key levers of change for growth and help them modernize by virtue of digitalization. We bridge the strategy-to-execution gap by helping our customers implement those plans—quickly and at scale.

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Maximize your business performance with insight-driven solutions

This is an Automated Assessment Tool to guage your readiness for a Digitalization Journey Derive a detailed report with benchmark insight from various industry specific data points

Our Services

We provide the Digital Transformation RACE® framework to help you get on with your Digital Transformation Journey:


We assess your organization’s readiness for your Digitalization journey against global benchmarks and to suggest a roadmap to reach scale and level as per the organization strategies and vision


We partner with you to maximize your Digitalization goals by advising organization Digitalization & IT Benchmarking levels and advising relevant Partnering & Penetration strategy to achieve business goals.


Our consulting services support you with your IT Due Diligence and Strategy along with your possible technology vendor evaluation and the relevant business strategy to achieve your digitalization goals.


We partner with you to execute your digitalization goals by virtue of software product, sales and business process engineering roadmaps to achieve your envisioned goals.

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