Digital transformation in manufacturing is evolving towards the 'as a service' economy.

In the industrial 4.0, organization need to modernize with key ingredients lying in Digital Transformation. A successful digital transformation essentially consist of People, Processes and Purpose. Purpose playing the biggest role. Traditional digital transformation goals on the level of enhanced efficiency, cost reduction and, in more mature stages, innovation and the development of new revenue sources in an age where data - and how it is leveraged - is the currency of automation, optimization and profound transformation at the core where new business models in an 'as a service' economy are sought.


  • An uncertain macro-economic and geo-political context where risk needs to be managed and cost reductions and enhanced efficiencies are inevitably (read: automation).
  • A more complex and connected supply chain where data/information and speed are key.
  • The need to better understand the possibilities and benefits which can be achieved. While that is a strategic and information matter, it also requires manufacturing companies to understand technological enablers of new opportunities such as digital twins, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to name a few - within their benefit, use case and holistic context.
  • A changing customer with an increasing need to be not just more customer-centric but also be more customer-adaptive and innovative.
  • A highly competitive landscape in which faster movers are poised to gain advantages and even become disruptive.
  • The need to diversify and tap into new revenue sources, leveraging new ecosystems, and (connected) data, to thrive and in some cases survive.
  • A lack of clear vision and of a strategic holistic approach to tap into the revenue growth and new revenue source potential of Industry 4.0.
  • The human talent dimension in an altering reality where technology and innovation play more profound roles and the talent in many of the mentioned areas (data, industrial IoT, convergence of IT and OT, new business models etc.), nor the culture are present to take the necessary steps.

Seesim partners with industrial manufacturing enterprises to become more resilient with our proprietary RACE Framework

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud - Seesim leverages strategic alliances with an ecosystem of cloud service providers to assess and recommend specific solutions to the Digital transformation roadmap. Scalability is a prerequisite for machine learning and intelligent automation.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations - Seesim charts a roadmap for Industry 4.0 with additive manufacturing, condition-based maintenance, and similar recommendations to achieve digitalization goals
  • Establish resilient business processes - We recommend a digital transformation of core systems to boost capacity utilization as well as risk management. Further, digitization unifies data sources, which facilitates causal analysis and predictive analytics.
  • Enable remote learning at scale - Our suggested learning tools create a digital workforce by facilitating knowledge sharing key essential for the "people" part of the digital transformation

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